10 to 20 per cent of women suffer from post-partum depression

Helping New Moms Feel Better

Together we can help you get back to feeling like yourself and enjoying your new role as Mom.

It is scary for women to go through PPD on their own. Studies have shown that psychotherapy treatments have been one of the most effective ways of overcoming the difficulties women face following the birth of a baby or the loss of a baby. Together, we’ll explore coping strategies and tools you can use to help you get back into a feeling of “normal” and routine again.

How Do You Know if Serenity Now Wellness Counselling is For You?

At Serenity Now, we know that women experience a range of emotions, thoughts and feelings related to becoming a new mother. Even women who have had children before are not immune to the thoughts and feelings that can come about with postpartum depression. It is especially difficult for second or third-time mothers to reconcile that they can’t connect with their babies, or that they are not able to bond with their children.

Here are a few signs that women’s health counselling from Serenity Now Wellness Center may be right for you:

    • Difficulty bonding with your baby
    • Depressed mood or severe mood swings
    • Severe anxiety and panic attacks
    • Withdrawing from friends and family
    • Fear that you’re not a good mother
    • Thoughts of harming your baby or yourself
    • Excessive crying or unexplained crying
  • Feelings of guilt, anxiety and inadequacy as a partner or mother

How We Can Help with Bodywork

Did you know that in some cultures, communities spend months helping new mothers recover and recuperate from the experience of childbirth? In North America, we have very much adopted a “women can do it all” attitude and as a result, women often neglect to take time to heal their bodies following childbirth. This can lead to increased pain and potentially postpartum depression. Taking time with your baby and allowing yourself the time and space you need to recover will help your body and mind bounce back.

Our treatment options are ideal for you if:

    • You have recently given birth
    • You are feeling exhausted
  • You are struggling to be present with your baby because you feel pain is distracting you

Our outcomes-based treatments are designed to help you:

    • Feel refreshed and rejuvenated
    • Be more available in your relationship with your baby and your partner
  • Feel prepared for the journey of motherhood

Our “Taking Care of Momma Bodywork Package” Includes:

    • An initial consult for treatment planning (you can bring your baby to the session)
  • Regular bodywork treatments (massage or biodynamic craniosacral therapy depending on your needs)

Here are some resources you might find helpful:

eMental Health

This resource can help you get a better understanding of PPD, and a reassurance you are not the only woman who has experienced it – through a series of real-life accounts.


This article gives several steps to overcome the stress or depression developed from infertility.

Women’s role in society is important and women continue to uphold many responsibilities in life and society. The pressure to get things “just right” continues to mount for many women, and when things aren’t going as planned for new mothers and their babies, it can be difficult for women to understand why things aren’t working out. The lack of support new mothers face limits their abilities to get through these changing times. Our team of mental health counsellors, psychologists, massage therapists, and nutritionists are ready to help you create a peaceful and relaxing frame of mind so you can work through your thoughts and feelings and get back to loving and supporting yourself and your baby. We help new mothers using a number of other treatments as well, including:

Your ability to manage your thoughts and feelings will help you feel successful as a new mother. You may be experiencing feelings of real distress related to being a new mother, but working with our committed team of Calgary Mental Health Professionals, you can overcome your concerns and fears and find “Serenity Now.”

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