Working with Emotions

Danielle DuskaPsychotherapy

For the most part emotions just are; they come and go, some are big and intense, whereas others are small and barely noticeable. However, many of us have a tendency to associate emotions with positive and negative labels, instead of thinking about them as big and small.

Yet, one outcome of labeling our emotions is that we can alter the way we perceive and respond to them. For example, when an emotion has a negative label then we associate it with being a problematic or concerning emotion, when really, the emotion itself is just an experience in our body that comes and goes. How we respond to that emotion, especially those “big” emotions is really what’s valuable for our well-being.

Here are some helpful ways to start thinking about emotions:

  • Think about your emotions as being “big” or “small” instead of “bad” or “good.”
  • Acknowledge your emotions rather than avoiding them or allowing them to take-over.
  • Observe what types of situations, interactions, or thoughts evoke specific emotions.
  • Reflect on how you respond to each emotion – is your response helpful in the moment? Is it helpful long-term? 

If you would like to explore your emotions, learn how they influence your well-being, or if you are interested in developing skills to manage emotions, you can book a complimentary consultation at or by calling (403) 454-7600.