Working from Home: Adults with ADHD

Danielle DuskaPsychotherapy

Establishing and maintaining productive work boundaries in the home environment can be particularly challenging for adults with ADHD. Procrastination, difficulty planning, and low frustration tolerance are just a few examples of how ADHD can influence a person’s daily productivity. So in the context of working from home, where there is reduced structure, blurred boundaries, and online communication, the challenges of managing ADHD can become exacerbated.

Here are a few ways that adults with ADHD or anyone struggling to establish and maintain productive work boundaries in the home environment can try out:

1). Create daily schedules that are organized hour-by-hour:

  • Remember to schedule breaks for self-care! For example: meal/snack breaks, movement breaks, tea/coffee breaks, social breaks, etc. 

2). Ensure a minimalistic home workspace:

  • When our workspace is unorganized, messy, or surrounded by distracting items, it can become challenging to focus on the task at hand. 
  • Take a few minutes before you, mentally and/or physically, step out of the workspace to tidy-up, so it is ready for the following day (tip: schedule this into your daily schedule!).

3). If you live with other people, have a conversation about your work/home boundaries:

  • It is important to communicate our expected roles/responsibilities when we’re in “work mode” to the people we live with.
  • By doing this, we create clear boundaries of the type of interactions allowed when working from home. 
  • This concept can even apply to your pets – schedule times to play with your furry friend outside of “work mode” to prevent your productivity time becoming your pet’s play time. 

If you are interested in learning more about these skills, developing tools to manage ADHD, and/or need some additional support with navigating the shift to working from home, you can book a complimentary consultation at or by calling 403-454-7600.