Why you might consider continuing or starting therapy

Megan CampbellPsychotherapy

Many clients have stopped reaching out for mental health support during this time of physical distancing for many different reasons. Parents may have a hard time finding time and space away from their children to do a session or be so busy managing work, school, and household labour.  Some clients may want to discuss the very people who are living in their home and feel uncomfortable doing a session while those people are in the home. Others may lack funds, feel overwhelmed with starting something new or not know how to find a therapist.

When is a good time to start therapy?

Similar to beginning other tasks or activities, there often is not a perfect time. However, we know that the sooner people reach and talk to someone, the sooner there can be a decrease in the frequency and/or severity of their symptoms. Many clients have expressed that they feel a sense of relief and support after their first session.

So, while we are in unprecedented times, Serenity Now Wellness Centre is offering therapy sessions over the phone or online video platforms. For those who are concerned with finances, we are offering reduced rates and will try and meet the needs of your unique circumstances. We can assist clients in finding a time and place that works for them for their specific circumstance.

Over the last month we have been compiling tips from our clients and other practitioners about how they are managing some of the common obstacles around time and space that arise for doing phone or video sessions.

Tips for making time or space for phone or video session:

  • Make a trade with a husband, roommate, or friend to have an hour of quiet time in a specific room in the home.
  • Do a session during your child’s naptime.
  • Get your partner to take the kids out for a walk/bike ride for an hour.
  • Find a safe, quiet space, and announce to others that you will be unavailable (e.g., have a sign on your door)
  • Set your child up with some ‘free time’ or ‘independent time’ or set them up with a movie
  • Use headphones.
  • Consider using your car if that feels comfortable
  • Sit on your deck (if weather permits) and if you have privacy
  • Go for a walk while on the phone

Consider 30-minute sessions if time or space is difficult for an hour session

Many clients are finding it helpful during this time to have a place to express their worries and fears, to vent about daily frustrations, and to receive ideas for coping through this difficult time.

If you are hurting please talk to someone today.

Contact me today at megan@serenitynowwellness.ca to book a session.

You can also go online to our website at serenitynowwellness.ca to read about each of the therapists at our centre to make an informed decision about who you think might be right for you.

The website also offers online booking, so you can schedule yourself in for either a free 15 minute consultation or a full session.