To Heal We Have To Feel

Tessa Burns MartinBiodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Body work and Yoga

To heal it, we have to feel it. Plain, simple and unfortunately sometimes uncomfortable . So many of us are living a life of disrupted sleep, dis-regulated nervous systems, poor digestion, depression, anxiety, pain, fatigue and a whole  host of other trauma affects. Our nervous system has evolved the ability to disconnect, shut down or dissociate from feeling our bodies, feeling our pains, and feeling our emotions. We have traumatic experience in our life, or maybe many, but many of us have shut down the experience and severed the connection to what is happening in our body. Disassociation is an amazing tool for short-term physical survival, but not so effective at long term recovery.

On top of that we are living in a world of distractions, gluttony and instant gratifications that are designed to keep us from our deeper selves and our surroundings. They are made to be addictive to keep us out of the present moment and not connected to our bodies. Keeping us on social media, in front of screens and over consumption of materialistic goods feeds into the perpetual cycle of feeling stuck, overwhelmed, over-consumed and under-cared for.

There is a road that we can take to thaw out from these frozen states into a more whole and healthy life. We can move into the depths of our deepest resources and heal from the undigested life experiences that may have been keeping us bogged down or overwhelmed for so long. In the process of becoming more in tune with the rhythms of our bodies we lean into the hard and sticky bits. Slowly we can begin to feel into and explore those places of discomfort, in a safe and vulnerable way. We employ so many short term schemes  to escape from sensations that are less than ideal or down right terrible. We vilify them and spend endlessly to try and escape or numb them, only in turn making them fester and rot below the surface. Only by easing our way into these areas of discomfort and gently accepting them as part of us will we ever be able to truly heal ourselves.

There are many routes that we can take to work in this realm of feeling and healing. As practitioner of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Chi Kung I have had first hand experience how intentional movement and trauma informed body work can be a safe, gentle yet deeply profound way of moving into these states. BCST is a client led approach to working with disentangling traumatic experiences from our system. Using gentle touch to bring awareness and resolutions to places of disconnect and discomfort within the body. Touch has a profound way of allowing the self regulating, self healing capacities of our bodies to emerge. The presence and gentle space that BCST practitioners hold for clients allows for deeply stored trauma to steadily unpack in a very supportive way. This process is not about ridding our systems from what has happened to us, but rather, building strength and resources in making a relationship to it. We are who we are because of our experiences, but we don’t have to be constantly hooked and controlled by them. We can begin to loosen the grip, loosen the hold and lighten the load to make space for a more vibrant, connected, peaceful life.

We at Serenity Now Wellness Centre are here to help. Book today and start your road to a new way of being, feeling and living. It is your right, you have the power, we have the tools to help you know it!