The Importance of Family

Tessa Burns MartinBody work and Yoga, Massage, Massage Therapy

I feel very blessed to have a family that supports and loves me. I grew up with 2 younger siblings and 2 parents that worked synergistically to raise us with compassion. Our family unit got along pretty well, with the occasional cat-fight or “oh my god! Uuuugh” yelled at each other. But we always came back to each other sooner or later with an apology. We spent a lot of time together- especially in the summer when we would go on 3-week long camping trips. All 5 of us sleeping a tent trailer for 3 weeks primed us for the purchase of a bachelor-suite condo in the mountains of BC years later. Now that was a tight fit! I remember feeling completely comfortable being in close quarters with my brother, sister, and parents. Though there was little personal space available in that condo, we had the freedom to explore the hillside and big grassy courtyard.

I’m so glad I have siblings who were, and still are, my best friends. We were a team, joking around and hanging out with each other all the time. As kids we played together, as teenagers we argued and apologized most days, now as adults living separate lives, we are more friends than anything. World travel has taken us far distances from each other, yet technology allows us to communicate regularly. I do miss being able to pop in to my siblings rooms and sit on their bed and be ridiculously silly, or listen to a record in harmony together- these were the joys of living together with my parents. But people grow, move away, get partners. Now I find joy in witnessing my siblings fall in love and discover the immense joy life has to offer. All this love and companionship was fostered by my parents, who were each others’ best friend. They worked together to teach us resilience, peace, self-respect and boundaries. They also knew how to have a heck of a good time, which we always did together.

My family has doubled in size in the last year and a half since meeting my boyfriend. He and his family are also very close, which means I got a whole new batch of energetic, fun-loving, intelligent people to gather with. Our families even get together without my boyfriend and I being there- success! It feels good be friends with a variety of ages of people; we learn from one another and are never without someone to have a beer with.

Although my siblings are away in India and the UK, Christmas will bring them and their partners back to the homeland where all of our cups will overflow with love.