The Importance Of Continued Care

Tessa Burns MartinBody work and Yoga, Stress

Working in the health and wellness field and offering care and support to others for over 10 years now, I have come to realize something. The importance of the continuation and maintenance of our self care regimens!

Think of our bodies like a garden or house plants. We don’t just buy the seeds and plant them. We don’t pot some little leafy buddies and put them in a window and forget them. You have to water them, fertilize them, and open the blinds so they get enough light. Maybe they need a little pruning, or re-potting as they outgrow their homes. We need to clean off the dead leaves, or harvest the bounty if the season is right.

I realized our mind and bodies need the same kind of tending.

I see it so often, even in myself. Something starts to hurt or ache, and we get mentally run down or an emotional trigger blindsides us. All of these affects collide together and we reach out for the supports we have on our list of care providers. We make those appointments to get a massage, some Craniosacral therapy, speak with our counsellors, naturopaths or dietitians. We get so run down, our systems gets in a state of distress and THEN we make the appointment.

What about the garden tending, folks?! What about filling the cute little water jug that nourishes our tissues? Or the little safety sheers that clean away the bits of dead emotional debris before it’s just a heaping pile of compost? How about pulling that cord on the blinds to shine the light on our ever overworked mind?

I am here to tell you from experience, personally and clinically, it is vitally important to maintain our support structures even while our garden is fresh, bursting and in bloom. In other words, when we are feeling healthy and well we need to keep up with the maintenance of our physical, mental and emotional well being. Even when times are good and we are in bountiful harvest, we need to take care of ourselves. Continuing our care regimes in times of “feast” keeps our tanks full. It keeps our resources high so if a flood or drought or bugs come to crash our garden party, we have something saved when the “famine” may hit.

For myself I budget time every month for just that. I schedule it in like it is my job. Even when I am feeling strong and capable, I still attend my appointments. Bodywork, counselling and coaching support and naturopath visits are main IT service provider outlets. As well seeing my new, awesome, supportive family doctor. Along with this I add in some physical exercise, healthy food, time with family and friends, reading and relaxing and time in nature. It is a bit of a jungle and I for sure don’t have it down perfectly, but I ask for and plan to get help.

We are here to help. Book a free consultation with us today to get your individualized, trauma informed care from our community of staff at Serenity Now Wellness Centre. We have the tools to help tend to your beautiful garden. You don’t have to do the work alone.