Telepsychology and You


Telepsychology is the process of receiving health care services through electronic platforms, such as over the phone or through the computer.

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, most therapists have started to move therapy online to meet the needs of individuals who are in self isolation. However, even outside of a pandemic, there are clients who may particularly benefit from telepsychology services such as:

  • Seniors or persons with disabilities who may have difficulty traveling to the office
  • Individuals with mobility issues or transportation concerns
  • Individuals who prefer the flexibility and/or comfortability of talking on the phone or through video
  • Calgarians during winter time!

Please refer to this FAQ list to see whether this form of counselling may work for you.

1. How much are your services?
My fees are $150 per 50 minutes and $200 per 80 minutes. I also offer sliding scale fees. If you are worried about the cost of counselling, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss reduced payment options.

2. How long will my sessions be?
Sessions can be as long as you’d like them to be! I would suggest booking an 80-minute session if this is your first time seeing me and 50 minutes for subsequent sessions.

3. How does payment work?
At Serenity Now Wellness Serenity, we use the Jane App to book appointments and process payments. This app offers the same level of security as your bank does to transfer information. After your phone or online counselling session, your therapist will ask you for your credit card information and immediately process the payment. You will be emailed a receipt within the hour, which you can then use for insurance purposes.

Please note, Nadia is also able to direct bill to Blue Cross and Green Shield.

For more details on the security features of the Jane App, follow this link:

4. Is telepsychology right for me?
Some Clients are worried that they are not ‘tech-savvy’ enough for telepsychology. If you have a phone and a private area in your home in which you feel comfortable talking within, then telepsychology may be worth trying. Book a 15-minute free consultation for more information about telepsychology.

5. What online counselling apps do you use?

Serenity Now Wellness Centre uses secure platforms that are compliant with appropriate provincial privacy legislation and standards of practice. Examples include VSee and Doxy ( ; We can work together to ensure you understand how the platform works.

6. How do I book?
Book online by following this link:
For more information about our counselling services, please email or phone (403) 454-7600 to connect with a therapist.


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