Teen (Adolescent) Counselling

20 per cent of Alberta’s youth experience mental illness
– United Way of Calgary and Area

Signs your teen may be in need of counselling

  • Abnormal amounts of arguing, anger or acting out
  • Changes in academic or athletic performance
  • Sexual, physical or mental abuse
  • Problems with drugs and alcohol
  • Major changes in family life
  • No longer connecting with loved ones
  • Teen appears to be more sad than normal, lives in isolation or has large mood swings
  • Changes in sleep patterns

Ways to treat

TeenSerenity Now works with you and your teenager to make sense of this confusing time. Through the use of creative approaches such as music, art and mind-body techniques, we can work as a team to explore help their experiences, while develop the skills and tools to manage and overcome the circumstances they may be facing.

As a valuable member to your child’s counselling experience, you may be asked to join in on the sessions to provide the utmost support for your teen. This opportunity will give you insight into your teenagers world, in addition to learning new skills and resources to support you teenager as they journey through this fascinating time.

Parents will always want the very best for their children, including independence and a positive lifestyle. However, the challenges of growing into adulthood can often times be overwhelming. Together, you and your child will develop the skills and tools to tackle any challenges that may arise, including self-esteem, bullying, social skills, anxiety and depression, and family conflict.

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