“Good enough” Parenting

Tessa Burns MartinParenting, Tessa Burns

I am back at work after taking six weeks off following the birth of my second child. We now have a boy and a girl so I am feeling quite complete right now. I am also feeling quite stretched having two children under 2 years old. In the field of psychology and parenting, we often work with our clients to … Read More

Christmas for Kids!

Mandy HolowachuckMandy Holowachuk, Parenting

The Holiday season is here! The stores are full of Christmas carols, decorations, sales and crowds. Many of us are stressed about getting our shopping done, staying on budget and generally fitting everything in; but what about our kids. Often as adults we think we are the only ones who are stressed about the holidays.  We see our kids excited … Read More

The Power of Language

Tessa Burns MartinParenting, Tessa Burns

As I sit to write this post, I feel like I have to be careful about the language that I choose because as I will discuss in this post, it is the energy or meaning behind the words you are using that will affect you. I worry that my message may be controversial but I think I have to step … Read More