Sparring in relationships

Tessa Burns MartinCouples Counselling, Tessa Burns

My husband and I were recently having a discussion about the renovations that were happening in our home. This is the fourth time we have undertaken a renovation project; twice while I was pregnant. Our ability to navigate through the stresses of these times provides me the confidence in our relationship that we can make it through almost anything. Though … Read More

ADHD and Relationships

Tessa Burns MartinAdult ADHD, Couples Counselling

Written by Cheryle Sherwood, Registered Psychologist at Serenity Now The more patients I see with Adult ADHD, the more I realize just how pervasive ADHD can be in an individual’s life. The triad of symptoms of inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsivity sound fairly benign when seen on paper, however, seeing how much these impact adult level of functioning is profound. One … Read More

Couples Communication

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I love working with couples! Mostly, because the healing that happens when your partner can hear you more effectively, is transformative. Regardless of the issue that brings a couple in for counselling and regardless of their level of distress, the very first step in their healing is to learn how to communicate more effectively. Though this sounds very obvious to … Read More

The Power of Language

Tessa Burns MartinParenting, Tessa Burns

As I sit to write this post, I feel like I have to be careful about the language that I choose because as I will discuss in this post, it is the energy or meaning behind the words you are using that will affect you. I worry that my message may be controversial but I think I have to step … Read More