How to treat depression and anxiety naturally

Tessa Burns MartinAnxiety, Depression

If you suffer from anxiety or depression, have you ever wondered about its cause? As a naturopathic doctor with an honours degree in neuroscience, I approach the treatment of anxiety and depression from a unique angle. In addition to focusing on psychological factors, I work with my patients to identify and correct any underlying physical causes. Often these are nutritional, … Read More

Did you notice?

Tessa Burns MartinAnxiety, Depression, Tessa Burns

I am writing this blog post at a time when most people are stuck, frustrated, in traffic after their work day. Though this could be an opportune time to take some deep breaths and release all the stress from the day, I would guess that the majority of people on the road during traffic are busy in their heads. If … Read More

Finding Meaning in Your Story

Jennifer MitchellAnxiety, Jennifer Mitchell, Trauma

  “ He who has a why to live for- can bear with almost any how.”      —  Nietzsche  Psychology and therapy have historically been rooted in a medical model which is saturated with a “problem” focused lens. This means looking at “what’s wrong with the person” and what is the “best” way to “fix” them. Pathologizing people is rarely … Read More