Stillness and It’s Dynamics: Creating Space and Slowing Down

Tessa Burns MartinBody work and Yoga, Psychotherapy, Stress

Think back to a long day you have had recently. Maybe putting in lots of work at your job, running errands, doing house hold tasks, hiking, studying or whatever fills your time and uses up the fuel in the tank. Can you remember that moment when you finish the tasks or activities? Maybe you put your feet up or your head down, jump in the tub, take a breath and slow down. That feeling that washes over your body as movement begins to settle. That feeling of relief as the mind slows. Can you remember a time when this was an experience for you and can you bring that memory into a feeling state in your body? Take a second to stop and feel into that feeling now. Our cells remember and deeply yearn to access stillness. I want to share with you some key seo elements about stillness that maybe didn’t know, why it’s important to bring into your awareness daily, and some tools to help you “get there”.

The simple definition of stillness is to become motionless and silent. I believe that there is something deeper to the quality of this innate centre of our being. There is something extremely dynamic to the element of stillness. When we can access this state in our own bodies, our own systems, some pretty amazing intelligent mechanics can come through in terms of healing and self regulating.

What do you mean by dynamic stillness? If there is life, there is movement and as living beings even when we settle, there is always an element of motion. Our cells are constantly in flux. Multiplying, regenerating, even dying off. There is a vast consciousness of creative and healing forces at work within us all the time. We eat, digest, absorb, assimilate and rebuild. We breathe in an out bringing in nutrients and remove toxins. This is all happening every moment of out lives. We use cognition, imagination and emotions to be creative and relate in social engagements. We are forever asking something of our bodies and they are amazing at going along for the ride and carrying us through some pretty extensive circumstances through out our days. Taking the time to slow down, ease off and “do nothing” is a a powerful way to keep these intelligent, living machines of ours in optimal running capacities.

I want to tell you something about stillness. You don’t have to get yourself exhausted or worn out to be able to access it. It is possible to cultivate this deep state of reparative rest at times of the day when you are resourced or have energy. Actually this is one of the best times to play with stillness because it can be so nourishing! Re-establishing ourselves in the depths of dynamic stillness is one of the greatest gifts and most empowering processes on our wellness journeys. This is why regular body work sessions such as Biodynamic craniosacral therapy, trauma informed massage, raindrop therapy, meditation and conscious body movement practices such as chi kung or yoga are so important to harnessing and holding our depths of health.

I often hear people using the term “I need to find stillness.” Stillness is not something that we do I don’t believe stillness is something to be found. I believe it is an innate state that we need to relate to. A state inherent to our beings that we need to remember. Sometimes that can take a little practice. We may also need a mirror or help in coming back to that place within ourselves through the help of a teacher or practitioner. I think the most important place to start is with awareness and mindfulness. Awareness that it is vitally nourishing to our existence and when we give ourselves space and time drop-in, miraculous things may emerge.

Here are my top 10 reasons Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy can support stillness.

  1. Our bodies need to slow down to recharge
  2. Slowing down helps us find our breath which is the gateway to the present moment.
  3. Our brains and central nervous system needs ease and quiet to repair
  4. We learn how to self regulate when we know there is another possible state to access in our systems.
  5. The heart of stillness is listening, when we listen, we know. We can hear what our bodies truly need or what it is asking for.
  6. This is where we are in relationship to our truest nature.
  7. Stillness = space which = new possibilities.
  8. When we learn to be more at ease and connected to our true nature we naturally cultivate more compassion.
  9. We may find a deeper sense of safety in ourselves and our environment.
  10. When we get still, we give those around us the potential to do the same. Accessing our still spaces, our true nature has a ripple effect into the world around us.

Give yourself the gift of slowing down. Schedule it in like it’s your job. Make time for it now or your body will force it later. You always have a choice. Reach out if you need help. There are many people and many ways that can support your process back to wholeness.

I have added a guided visualization for you to help you access stillness or to “get there”.

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