Spring Clean Your Life!



It’s quite common for us to clean out our house every spring, we are so excited to renew our energy as we are rejuvenated by spring weather. Just this past weekend, I cleaned out my closet and as I was throwing out clothing that no longer served me or served any purpose, I thought “hmmm, how often do we think that same thing about our life but never do anything about it?”

#1 Friendships

How many times have you heard yourself say, “argh, I am so done with that negative friend” and yet you keep coming back to chat with them.  I want you to look at friendships in a very specific way, think of it this way: you don’t go to the bakery and ask for a steak.  It’s the same with friendships, firstly identify what is that friend’s purpose.  Are they your shopping friend?  Or your go to the movies friend?  When we release our friends from extra duties that they are not capable of, all of a sudden our friendships become more enjoyable!  As well as our expectations become more realistic and decrease our frustrations.

#2 Relationships

Are you being treated the way you deserve to be treated?  Also, are you treating your partner with the same respect?  All too often, we settle for something a little less.  There is a song by Kate Voegle, that sums this up beautifully, the chorus goes:

So you’ll be mine 
Forever and almost always 
And I’ll be fine 
Just love me when you can 
And I’ll wait patiently 
I’ll wake up every day 
Just hoping that you still care 

Listen, if you are still hoping that your partner will commit 100% sometime in the future, or they will change sometime down the road.  You are then dating only a portion of that person, which means you are living a portion of your life.  It’s time that you realized that you and your partner deserve to live wholeheartedly, so make the necessary changes.  Changes are uncomfortable, that’s why we call them “growing pains”.  Trust that on the other side of change, is whole-hearted living.  Take up 100% of your own life space, live up to your full potential in relationships!

#3 Living Space – Outward-In Changes

I have heard it all, “a cluttered space means I am smart or talented” or “I need mess to create”.  The matter of the fact, science time and time again proves that our minds work better in a clutter free environment.  Here’s the reason why: less stimulus, allows your brain-paths to streamline and get to the necessary information faster.  So here comes my rule of outward-in, change your outward environment to change your inner mood and wellbeing.

If you would like more tips on how to amplify your life, and how to live to 100% of your potential.  Give me a call, or book an appointment.  I thrive on helping you achieve your goals!

Written by: Marina Agafonov, Registered Provisional Psychologist
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