“Shelf” Help

Tessa Burns MartinPsychotherapy, Tessa Burns

We truly live in the information age. We can find the answers to almost everything by typing a search on Google. But sometimes all this information can be detrimental. Working with people I have found two major problems with all the information they have available to them:

1. There are so many different views or beliefs out there that it is hard to sort out what will be in your best interest. I am an avid reader, especially when it comes to the area of personal growth. Since having my son, I have read books and articles on topics such as attachment, sleep, and proper nutrition. As a new parent, I have frequently put my questions into the Google search bar to find pages of answers come up. With every area that I have read about or researched, I have found views from every possible angle. For example, when I started looking up the topic of sleep, I have found proponents of the cry-it-out method and those who believe you should never let your baby cry. Each camp will cite their views and will provide evidence that supports their views. So, how do I know which view to adopt?

2. The other major problem I have found is how people word their searches. The way you word your search will dictate the searches that return. In the case of the topic of sleep, when I had worded my search “The consequences of the cry-it-out method,” of course I had pages and pages of articles that listed all the research that talks about the negative side-effects of using the cry-it-out method. When I word my search “sleep techniques for babies,” the information becomes more evenly distributed between both camps. But then I am faced with dilemma of which information to believe??

Since there is so much information available and it can be skewed so easily, I believe the best way to start on your journey is to get connected with your truth. How will you know in your body if something feels true to you? Do you know what it feels like if you feel uncomfortable with a piece of information? You can even watch the way your searches are leading you to what feels most true. If my searches are looking for information against the cry-it-out method, there must be something internally that makes me feel uncomfortable with that method so I am looking for information to prove my beliefs. Others may be swayed the other direction. After all my years of practice, I have come to realize that we all hold individual truths and that there is not a universal fix. So, discover how to locate your truth and you will find the path that serves you most.