Sexual Activity during COVID-19 pandemic


Sexual health is part of your overall wellbeing. While there is limited research that definitively proves sexual activity (whether partnered or alone) improves your immunities, there are still many benefits to sexual activities.

Things to remember about sexual activity

  • Consent is key. When consent and personal autonomy are part of sexual activity individuals are more likely to feel empowered, self-acceptance, and readiness for sexual exploration.
  • Everyone’s experience is different. Being sexually active or not being sexually active is a personal choice that no one should feel shame about.
  • Practicing safer sex is the responsible option. Use of condoms when you are not fluid bonded or exclusive with partners can help protect you and others from sexually transmitted infections. Getting regular testing should also be part of your sexual health practice – and is realistically a normal part of your physical health.

Some of the known benefits of sexual activity.

  • Sexual activity can lead to a calming effect.
  • Sexual activity is good exercise.
  • Sexual activity can help with pain relief.
  • Sexual activity can help with genital health.
  • Sexual activity can relieve menstrual symptoms.

So, while sexual activity isn’t going to protect you from COVID-19 – consensual and autonomous sexual activity can have many benefits.

The virus is present in respiratory secretions and transmitted if close to a person and through an activity such as kissing – so if you or your partner(s) are COVID-19 positive – it may be prudent to engage in some socially distant sexual activity. Perhaps engage in some mutual masturbation, online sessions, and/or dirty talk!

If you are in the same household and do not have COVID-19 and no recent likely exposure then sex is may be a great way to have fun, relive anxiety and relax.

Masturbation can be a great way to access the benefits of sexual activity. So, if you are on your own – have some fun and explore your body!

Sexual activity can be a very grounding and regulating. For many individuals it can be a spiritual and connective activity – even when done alone.

Feel good about connecting to your body. Feel empowered by how marvelously your body helps you regulate, feel pleasure, and relax. Sexual activity can be a coping tool during this time. Practice safe healthy sexual activity without shame.

If you have experienced trauma around sex or you are struggling with your experience with sexuality or sexual activity – please reach out to a counselling professional for help. You deserve to feel safe and unashamed about your sexuality and sexual activity.


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