Addressing mental health and addiction in the workplace is a great business practice. Mental health concerns have been shown to cost businesses more than $6 billion in lost productivity. It has been found that 1 in 5 Canadians experience some form of mental health problem in their lifetime. If we take into account the family members and co-workers of someone suffering from mental illness, the number Canadians impacted by mental health grows even further. If we extend our scope to also address the pervasiveness of addiction, the cost of lost productivity skyrockets to $24.3 billion. Many of these costs may be related to the short- and long-term disability claims, as mental health problems account for approximately 30% of those claims.

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If your company is dedicated to a happy and healthy workplace, it is important to have a clear mental health strategy in place. Mental health and addiction concerns can affect decision-making and concentration, which can have negative consequences on workplace safety as well as workplace effectiveness.

 As part of a comprehensive strategy to address mental health and addictions within your company, some strategies to implement include:

Lunch and Learns:

Regular seminars held within the office to address issues such as balancing work and social life, managing stress in uncertain times, effective parenting strategies, and healthy communication. For more information on topics, visit

On-site Massage Therapy

Allow your employees to receive relaxation while in their work environment to create a positive association between work and productivity.

Access to individual, couples, or family counselling services:

Give your employees the opportunity to meet with a counsellor in a confidential setting without any worries about prohibitive factors like long wait-times or the cost of services. For more information, visit

Critical-incident debriefing:

On-call counsellors are available if there is an incident that will be stressful to your employees.

Outpatient addiction services:

Allow your employees to achieve recovery in their own environment without the worry of disruptions and with the ability to focus on integrative sustainable recovery solutions.

Benefits and Employee Assistance Programs Audit:

Create informed practices about mental health and employee engagement in your office through an in-depth assessment and implementation plan.


Serenity Now Wellness Centre Inc. is a company dedicated to holistic healing. With several psychologists on staff that specialize in areas from child psychology to adult addiction, we can help your company create a unique mental health strategy that will support your employees. You will also have access to our strategic partners to provide services from massage therapy to executive medical programs and drug/alcohol testing.

We respect your company’s objectives to create a healthier workplace and would love the opportunity to help you achieve that goal through strong mental health and addiction programs.

We look forward to working with you!

Tessa Martin

Owner/Registered Psychologist