Serenity Now Foundation“Of Albertans that do know the signs and symptoms of mental illness, 75% do not seek services due to stigma and discrimination.” –



About the Serenity Now Foundation

The Serenity Now foundation is a non-profit with a focus on helping individuals who are struggling with addiction, stress, depression, anxiety, and trauma from a whole-body perspective. The foundation provides individual and group services, including counselling, nutrition, massage therapy, and biodynamic craniosacral therapy.

Our goal

The goal of the Serenity Now foundation is to minimize the barriers of traditional counselling and give those in need increased access to mental health resources.

We offer services with no waitlist and no session limit. Rates are discussed on a case-by-case basis to meet an individual’s unique circumstances.

Our Approach

The Serenity Now Foundation provides counselling through provisional psychologists. All psychologists are supervised by an experienced fully registered psychologist. Current supervision is overseen by Jennifer Mitchell.

This model allows the Serenity Now foundation to offer services based on individual need, income, and presenting concern. This ensures individuals receive continued, professional, and reliable services at a rate that matches their individual circumstances.
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We encourage a mind-body approach. We have a massage therapist and a biodynamic craniosacral therapist who offer services through the Serenity Now foundation.

*Please note there is a minimum fee as required by the professional association and the experience level of the practitioner.


Our Provisional Psychologists who works with the Serenity Foundation:

Brittney Giacchetta

Katie Laird

Body Work

Our Bodyworkers who work with the Serenity Foundation:

Laura Dunlop

Lucille Rayner


What’s the difference between a counselling intern, registered provisional psychologist and a registered psychologist?

Trust us! You are not alone if you are confused by some of the options for therapy!

Registered Psychologists have fully completed their Master or Doctoral degrees, have completed at least 1600 supervised therapy hours, completed a licensing exam and ethics examination through the College of Alberta Psychologists. Psychology is a regulated profession in the province of Alberta.

Provisionally Registered Psychologists have fully completed their graduate level degrees and have had their educational credentials reviewed and approved by the College of Alberta Psychologists. Provisional psychologists are working to complete 1600 therapy hours under supervision.

Counselling Interns are psychologists-in-training, who have completed the course work and practicum of their Masters Degrees. Our counselling interns completed their practicum hours through the Serenity Now Foundation, and are in the process of completing their registration with the College of Alberta Psychologist.