“Of Albertans that do know the signs and symptoms of mental illness, 75% do not seek services due to stigma and discrimination.” – Calgaryselfhelp.com


Serenity Now FoundationSerenity Now Foundation

The Serenity Now foundation is a non-profit with a focus on helping to heal individuals who are struggling with addiction, stress, depression, anxiety, and trauma from a whole-body perspective. The foundation provides individual and group services, including counselling, nutrition, massage therapy, and yoga.

In Alberta’s current atmosphere, we are experiencing a lot of stress and mental health concerns. Despite advocacy to reduce the mental health stigma, it is estimated that 40% of Albertans do not know the signs and symptoms of mental illness. Of the Albertans that know the signs and symptoms, 75% do not seek services due to stigma and discrimination. On top of this, our high cost of living and widespread layoffs have affected thousands. This has left more Albertans vulnerable to mental health issues. In order to improve mental health treatment in our province, we need to have an abundant supply of high-quality and holistic treatments.

Serenity Now Foundation was founded by Tessa Martin and now has a board of three members. We offer a sliding scale model, no session limits, and no wait list. All these choices are made with the client’s best interest as a top priority.

Our goal

To eliminate the barriers of traditional counselling and give those in need increased access to mental health resources.


Serenity Now Wellness is proud to offer supervision and consultation to Masters’ levels psychology students and provisional psychologists.

Provisional psychologist and experienced masters level psychology students are available at reduced rates to the public through Serenity Foundation. All students and provisional psychologists are supervised by an experienced fully registered psychologists and professional support from the Serenity team.

What’s the difference between a practicum student, registered provisional psychologist and a registered psychologist?

Trust us! You are not alone if you are confused by some of the options for therapy!

Registered Psychologists have fully completed their Master or Doctoral degrees, have completed at least 1600 supervised therapy hours, completed a licensing exam and completed an oral examination by the College of Alberta Psychologists.

Provisionally Registered Psychologists have fully completed their graduate level degrees and have had their educational credentials reviewed and approved by the College of Alberta Psychologists.

Our Provisional Psychologists who work with the Foundation:

Alex Guidotti

Master’s Level Practicum Students are psychologists-in-training, who have completed the course work of their Masters Degrees. Practicum students are required to complete a supervised practicum placement to gain valuable experience in counseling and to complete their degrees.

Our Masters level practicum students who work through the foundation:

Kate Emery

Body Work

Serenity Now Foundation is proud to offer sliding scale to those wanting body-based therapies, such as Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy (BCST), Thai Massage or essential oil therapy.

Our bodyworkers who work through the Serenity Foundation:

Lucille Rayner

Walk- in Counselling Pilot

Mental Health Week was May 7 – 13, 2018. In participation with Mental Health Week and Serenity Now Foundation’s commitment to continue to break down barriers to mental health assistance, we piloted  a Low Cost, Walk-in Service.  We were pleased by the attention the pilot received, and by the fact we had people access the service.

Moving forward we going to offer Walk-in Hours throughout the month. The day and times will change depending the availability of therapists and rooms. Please double check the website or call 403.454.7600 to confirm the hours we will be open for walk-in.

December 2018 Walk- in Hours

  • December 1st 10am – 2pm

  • December 5th 2pm – 6pm

  • December 12th 2pm – 6pm

  • December 15th 10am-2pm

  • December 19th 2pm-6pm

  • December 29th 10am-2pm

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the stated end time.

Our Walk-in Service may be beneficial for you if:

  • Are an individual over the age of 18
  • Have difficulties accessing low cost counseling due to wait lists
  • Want to see someone to help problem-solve around a situation
  • Are looking for strategies or coping skills
  • Want to take the first step and talk to someone
  • Are looking for guidance about what other services and programs may be beneficial to you
  • Want to simply be heard without judgement

What can you expect?

  • You will be asked to fill out an intake form and sign confidentiality form. Please review confidentiality policies.
  • You may have to wait; please bring a book or other quiet activity to pass the time. You can always fill out the paperwork and come back.
  • We ask that children are left at home. Currently we are only offering this service to adults over 18.
  • You will be seen by an experienced provisional psychologist or masters practicum student. We cannot guarantee who will be available when you walk in. However, if you are interested in working longer term with a particular therapist, we can help facilitate that for you. Please note that for ongoing therapy, the investment varies depending on the therapist’s level of education and expertise. Walk in Rates are $50/session. Please let us know if the fee is a challenge and we can discuss options with you.
  • Counsellors will meet with you for 60 minutes and discuss what brought you in and work with you from a solution-focused perspective to develop your ‘next-steps.’ These steps may include:
    • Returning to Serenity Now Foundation or Serenity Now Wellness Centre
    • Receiving a referral to qualified therapists or a different program in the city
    • Or you might feel that one session was enough for you and no further steps are required
  • During your session, you will likely notice that we won’t go deeply into background details. During your walk-in session, our focus is to concentrate on the concern that brought you in and work on a specific goal. Our goal is that you leave feeling more grounded, empowered, and equipped with materials and resources for your next step.

Serenity Now Wellness Centre and Serenity Now Foundation does not provide emergency or acute crisis support. If you need immediate assistance, please contact:

  • The 24-Hour Crisis Line: 403.266.HELP (4357)
  • 911
  • Proceed to the closest emergency room

Confidentiality Policy

What is discussed between you and your therapists is private and confidential to Serenity Now Foundation. The therapist cannot, and will not, share any information about you to others. Serenity can only release information with your consent. The exceptions to relaying information without your consent include:

  • If a person talks about harming a child or dependent adult, including all forms of abuse and neglect. These, by law, must be reported.
  • If a person shares that they have serious intentions or plans to hurt themselves (suicide) or if clients share that they have intentions to hurt an identified person.
  • A subpoena or summons by the court.
  • If a person arrives under the influence of alcohol or drugs and insist on driving, the police will be notified if the person refuses alternate arrangements are.