Self-Care Takes Effort


It is important to remember that self-care looks different for everyone. Some people can be recharged through meditation – while others might find such an activity isn’t helpful. Some people might enjoy reading or crafting – while others feel drained by the effort of such tasks. If you haven’t found the activities or tasks that help you recharge and take care of yourself – that is okay.

Do what you can to explore and find the things that make you feel recharged. If standing on your head and telling jokes is what recharges you – then do more of that. Find what feels right for you!

It is also important to remember that self-care is not always easy. While some self-care activities can be taking baths or doing activities to relax, other self-care activities might include changing behaviours, setting up boundaries, or re-framing perspectives. These activities take energy and effort – and while the outcomes might have long-term positive gains, short-term these self-care activities can be exhausting.

If you are having trouble catching up on self-care or you are feeling like your self-care is slipping, cut yourself some slack. You are doing what you can – and there is nothing more you can ask of yourself.

If you need help finding what works for you or you need some guidance with some of the harder aspects of self-care – reach out to one of our counsellors. We are here to help you succeed!