Self-Care for Mothers

Megan CampbellPsychotherapy

As mothers we often care and think about others before ourselves. As a mother, my thoughts are often consumed with my son’s activities and errands that I need to complete to get his needs met. Part of self-care as a mother is recognizing that taking time out to care for yourself will allow you the ability to better care for your children.
Some of my favourite things to do for self-care after my son goes to bed are:

• Put on one of my favourite TV shows
• Go to bed early and get some extra sleep
• Make a good snack that I enjoy
• Take a hot bath
• Talk to friends

Remember you are your child’s role model – what do you want them to learn from you? Teach them how to have a balanced life, and how to care for themselves, so that they have better quality time with their loved ones. While mental and physical health require effort, think about putting yourself at the top of the list. Invest in yourself so that you can invest good energy in others. Wow! Can you imagine what the next generation would learn from us. Love your children by loving yourself.