October is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month 

Kayla PearenPsychotherapy

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.

– A.A.Milne

I have found myself needing to take a slow, deep breath as I move into writing this. There is a heavy weight to thinking about the pain and suffering that so many have sadly experienced from pregnancy and infancy loss.
To anyone out there who has lost their baby during pregnancy, birth, or infancy, please know:

– Your loss matters.

– It is normal to grieve your loss. This is a natural response of your body.

– There is no timeline for grief. No one should be rushing you through this process.

– Any feelings you are experiencing are valid.

– You are not alone.

If you know of someone who has experienced pregnancy and infancy loss, consider offering them one of the phrases from above. Avoid being too optimistic or positive, unless the person clearly states that’s what they need from you.
An international wave of light will take place at 7pm on October 15th to honour all babies gone too soon. Visit the following link for more information:  https://starlegacyfoundation.org/awareness-month/ 

Please reach out for support from one of caring Psychologists should you need it. We accept online bookings and can be reached at 403-454-7600.