New Year’s Resolutions or rather INTENTIONS!

wpengineMarina Agafonov, Psychotherapy, Stress

Happy New Year!  Happy 2016!

With the new year come new year’s resolutions which inevitably make us feel guilty for not seeing it through.  As we all know gym attendance rises, healthy eating continues for a week and then by the end of January all of our great resolutions fall by the wayside, and we are left feeling guilty for not completing our resolutions.

This year, I suggest trying something new.  Instead of setting new year’s resolutions, try setting INTENTIONS.  I don’t mean the “I intend to go to the gym” but rather an intention of how you want to spend the 2016 year.  Try this exercise with me …

Take a moment to imagine you in the new year, what do you see?  Do you see yourself going for that work promotion?  Or maybe you see yourself as overcoming your shyness (or fear of public speaking)?  Maybe it’s simply being happy?

Now ask yourself how does this imagined me, look and feel like?  For instance if you imagine yourself “I imagine myself smiling, bubbly, and outgoing” I might say it feels like being lighter or a belly full of laughs.

Okay, great now that you see how you feel and look like – ask yourself what do I need to do to get to that point, the point where I imagine myself as …. (happy, successful, etc).  That then becomes the intention, so rather than having a long list of “I should” you will have a clear directive of the changes you want to make in the upcoming year.