The progression of momentum: Being disciplined with Spaciousness

Lucille RaynerPsychotherapy

I have been focusing a lot lately on the idea of discipline and momentum. Showing up for myself and health in a number of ways, working on my business container to create safety and clarity for my clients and creating a daily and weekly routine to keep me on track.
It’s been working! I have noticed a real shift in these areas, my mental and physical health have been potent and my client numbers as well as their resolutions have been what I would consider a beautiful success.
Some days and weeks are great and fully aligned. Some days and weeks are not so great, today is one of those days. So now what? How do I handle the seeming slowing of momentum or the fuzzy lines of discipline?
I have been asking myself this question all day and considered what I would offer to one of my clients on the table if they were feeling as I am.
When I approached it that biodynamic manner, my answer was simple, spacious kindness and compassion.
In Cranio work we give our clients a safe, spacious container to lean into what they are feeling. Wether it be physical pain, mental struggles or emotional pain, we compassionately listen and ask them what it is they may need.
When we are neutral and present to the here and now feelings and sensations are acknowledged, allowing space for an unwinding and shifts can occur.
So I did just that, gave my self the day to lean into feelings, slow down and rest. I was feeling guilty for not “doing” anything about it. For not “using my tools” and not being “disciplined”.
However, I realized that actually is discipline, conscious, spacious, kind, discipline. Slowing down, rescheduling appointments and being responsible to yourself in the moment IS actually discipline, and discipline I think we need more of in our world.
Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you have to pull yourself up, or push yourself out the door to “get the thing done” but sometimes you need to recognize an alternative. The rest, the pause, the still point that needs to be accessed so that there is more space to actually make room for the momentum you’re working on.
Cranio work has helped me realize the places of activation or a ignitions in my system ie: getting s*#t done. It has also taught me about the pause and stillness ie: Allowing spaciousness to recharge and reform.
I have much more balance in how I approach my practice, relationships and daily life. It is a continued journey, by the baseline skills are there.
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