Meet Jasper

Jennifer MitchellPsychotherapy

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Jasper was one of the most amazing dogs ever! Jasper came to me (Jenn) as a foster dog. He had the longest nails I had ever seen, was obese and we learned he had been kept in his kennel for prolonged periods of time.
It was evident he was not healthy, and we wondered about why he was dribbling urine at times. We figured that may have been why he was being kept locked up. During his vet exam we found out he had multiple inoperable tumours that were likely pushing on his bladder, along with other major organs.

Despite the neglect Jasper had experienced, he was the most lovable happy dog. He could never get enough pets on his head and would dance when it was time for a walk. In our time together he lost weight, started to run again and brought joy to everyone who met him.
Due to his health, he could not to be adopted out and spent his last months on earth being loved and treated as a part of our family.

I believe (two of) Jasper’s superpowers were forgiveness and the ability to live in the moment. His tail still wagged in response to humans, he still wanted human interaction and still gave love to us and those he met.

Loving and caring for Jasper helped me be more present. Because of Jasper’s sickness I wanted every day to be great. It helped me notice and truly enjoy, in-the-moment, the beauty of our mountains, the fresh and crisp air and how Jasper and my other dogs could simply be. I lost Jasper 4 months after I lost my father, while losing him compounded my already present grief, he also taught me how big my heart is and how to notice the beauty that remained in the days that often felt so dark.

If you want to read a bit more about Jasper’s last days, here is a loving tribute that was written for him.

If you have experienced the loss of an animal friend or cared for or are caring for a palliative animal friend and want support, consider reaching out to us. We are here to witness your story and provide support.