Registered Massage Therapist

About Marcus

Marcus is a graduate of the Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy (3000 hours) training from Makami College.

Marcus started his involvement in health and wellness in 2012, when he was  introduced to bodybuilding. He immediately fell in love with what the body is capable of. His personal experiences in training led him to the health and wellness industry. Marcus finds extreme amounts of excitement when treating clients and assisting them to their pre-injury state. This is what drives Marcus and makes him so passionate about this field of work.

He has worked with Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Physiotherapists, and built his practice around treating acute, chronic, and severe trauma injuries .

Marcus’s Philosophy

Marcus firmly believes that a therapeutic massage is based around a large spectrum of pressures and techniques. The massage depends on the clients’ specific needs as well as communication between therapist and client. He has found massage therapy to be extremely beneficial not only on a physical level, but emotional and mental levels as well.

“Nothing makes me happier than watching confidence grow in each of my clients. If this means being able to wake up pain free for the first time or feeling overly happy about every day life- this is the reason I find my self loving this industry “  – Marcus Perdek


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