Keeping It Together – Helpful Tips for Wedding Couples During COVID-19: Part B


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a lot of uncertainty for couples planning their wedding. Social isolation and social distancing can be very frustrating. Stress levels for couples who are engaged during this time is at an unprecedented level.

So where do we go from here?

My colleague, Nadia Hamilton, put together some helpful tips for individuals getting married. She also gives some great points on how to manage emotions, unexpected changes, and making decisions.

While reading her blog, it reminded me of a good article I read a few years ago that gave some good ideas for couples to keep their love alive. Especially during these times!

Here are a few quick notables that author, Carolyn Steber, suggested in her article to manage stressful times as a couple (and future wedding couple of course!):

  1. Give yourselves a reminder of why you’re together and face challenges in unison. For example; remind yourselves that you’re a strong, loving team competing with the challenges you’re both facing – not angerly competing with each other!
  2. Don’t assume you know what your partner is thinking. Nobody can read minds (well – except my dog at times!)
  3. Use the “I” statements when expressing your feelings – ‘I feel happy when you…”, “I feel frustrated when we…”
  4. Be grateful, do little things for each other, and ‘check-in’ to see how each other is feeling about situations that are creating conflicts.

And lastly, be mindful and give each other the gift of time. Put down the smartphone, XBox controller, or book (people still read books?). Talk to each other – with eye contact, warmth, and genuine interest with what is being said.

Oh – don’t forget a gentle touch, hug, and kiss. After all – you’re getting married ya’know!

Wishing you both – good health & wellness in your wedding to come.

If you find yourself struggling with life’s challenges individually or as a couple, please feel free to contact myself or Nadia for a FREE 15 minute consultation.

Article link:

“15 Brilliant Hacks You Can Learn In Couples Therapy” by Carolyn Steber Link: