Keeping Busy with Covid-19

Megan CampbellPsychotherapy

These are difficult times for everyone. Although there are aspects of our lives that are not in our control right now, there are actions, thoughts and feelings that are in our control that may help us stay healthy both physically and emotionally.  Here is my list of ideas to hopefully assist others with coping (whether it’s being too busy or not busy enough) during this time.

  • Explore a new work out to try at home on You Tube
  • Consider cleaning and organizing a part of your house; if that feels too overwhelming but you still want to do some cleaning/organizing, consider starting with a small drawer or small part of your home
  • Consider making a to-do list and a loose schedule for the day; do not feel that you have to make your to-do list big! Perhaps it just has one or two manageable items for the day
  • Take time for yourself ( e.g., take a bath; lock yourself in the bathroom or room even if for a few minutes; model for children that it’s okay to take a break; sit in the car; take a short drive; go for a walk)
  • The weather will eventually turn nice and you can start the clean up on your patio or backyard
  • Try to keep your sleep routine as similar as possible
  • Brainstorm hobbies that you might like to try but never had the time to do but also remember that if you do not have time or energy do not feel that you must learn anything new
  • Look up a new recipe to try; if you have children involve them in finding a new recipe
  • Look up new games to play (with adults and/or children)

What is important is finding things that you enjoy doing that provide a feeling of escape, relaxation or recharge. Either taking time away for yourself or ensuring that you are regularly connecting with others can be important when we are spending more time or less time with others than we have been used to. Take time to recharge and stay safe!