In Times of Uncertainty – Let’s ‘Protect Our Mental Health’


Here’s a great article from Kirstie Brewer (BBC News) on how to protect our mental health during the COVID – 19 epidemic.

One of the main points of this article I enjoyed reading are the ways to help manage your anxiety. As we all know, too much anxiety over the COVID – 19 can be exhausting, frustrating, and simply – annoying!

The author suggests the following ‘APPLE Technique’ to help you manage these feelings. Here’s a summary:

  • A.CKNOWLEDGE: Be mindful of any anxious feelings that come to mind and acknowledge them.
  • P.AUSE: Take a moment – pause – and don’t react to these feelings. Breathe deeply – slowly – purposefully. *Here’s a video on deep breathing I suggested in my previous blog – “4-7-8 Breathing”.
  • P.ULL BACK: Remind yourself that this anxiety you’re having is just an ‘irrational thought’. There’s nothing to worry about. You’re in control of your thoughts and feelings.
  • L.ET GO: As with all irrational thoughts – just let it go. One example from the teachings of Buddha is to imagine that you’re standing on the shores of a river bank. While you’re standing there, imagine a log moving downstream. The log quickly moves by you – and disappears down the river. Symbolically, think of the log being your thoughts of anxiety.
  • E.XPLORE: Now that you have let go of your anxious thoughts – focus on the present and explore your surroundings. What are some positive things that surround you? One way to explore your surroundings and reduce anxiety is by ‘grounding yourself’. This can be done by focusing on your breath & 5 senses (what can you see, smell, taste, hear, & touch?).

The full article can be found here: “Coronavirus: How to protect your mental health” By Kirstie Brewer (BBC News)

If you find yourself struggling from anxiety, please feel free to contact myself or one of our therapists.

Wishing you good health & wellness!