Hello Spring!

Mandy HolowachuckMandy Holowachuk, Stress

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As warm days become more common and perennials start poking through the soil, it’s clear that spring is here. Although Calgary woke up to snow today there has been an increase in sunshine and the sun is warmer. The birds have begun to chirp and the city has begun to clean to roads. A sign that the season is changing!

People may be thinking of spring cleaning or changing over your wardrobe to warmer weather clothes. For some this is a fun and exciting time. For others it may seem overwhelming and anxiety provoking. I have heard many people complaining about how many things they need to get done and how hard it is to plan due to the unpredictable weather.

If you are one of the people feeling overwhelmed, some ways to embrace the change in the season could be to follow the lead of children who tend to go with what the day brings. Some ideas are:

1. If it rains put on your rubber boots and go splash through the puddles.
2. Go for a walk and see if you can find the first bud or flower of the year.
3. Plan a spring time picnic: if it is cold that day take it inside and eat on the floor.
4. Take a spring time activity inside if the weather is cool; a spin class instead of biking or indoor roller skating
5. Bundle up and take your coffee outside; feel the warmth of the sun on your face, the weather is changing
6. There is no shortage of rocks around. Go on a rock hunt and paint them some spring colors.
7. If the day is warm and sunny go have some ice cream or an iced coffee; soak it in.

A few small things in the moment will only bring you more spring enjoyment; and closer to summer!

Mandy Holowachuk