Helicopter method at sleep time


One of the biggest reasons people have trouble falling asleep is because they are thinking about the tasks they need to do the next day. When that list seems so long, sometimes sleep feels like the last thing you want to be doing. Still you know you need to sleep so you stay in the bed and let your mind race about all the tasks ahead.

The Helicopter method allows you to manage these stressors so you can get the rest you need to conquer your day.

  • Grab a blank notepad and pen
  • Have the pen and paper next to your bed
  • When a task or a worry comes into your head – write it down on the notepad
  • It helps some people to visualize putting the thought on the paper – think of the task or worry as a helicopter and the notepad as it’s landing site
  • Set aside time the next day to go over the things you have written – thinking of this as the helicopters launch time

Try to remember that thoughts, tasks, and worries need fuel – just like a helicopter. At the end of the day you are out of fuel – so those thoughts need somewhere safe to land.

When you have refuelled you can pick them back up and fly away!