Easter’s Not Cancelled


As Easter approaches, it may be disheartening to think about celebrating this holiday without all your family members and friends around. A recent conversation with a friend about her Easter plans reminded me of an important message:

Reflect on the true meaning of Easter. Similar to how the purpose of Christmas isn’t about exchanging presents, Easter is beyond painting eggs, eating chocolate, and getting a visit from the Easter bunny. Although these are fun activities to include in your Easter celebrations, take the time to think about what Easter symbolizes for you.

Prepare to celebrate Easter this year with the following tips:

1) Start a New Tradition or Modify Previous Ones
Consider starting new Easter traditions with the people you live with, whether that may be with family members, roommates or just with yourself. For example, cooking a special meal, creating a prayer, or starting your Easter day with “I am grateful for…” statements.

Alternatively, you can modify previous traditions. Organize an Easter hunt for your kids inside the house, have a virtual Easter dinner with family members or friends, dress up like you’re going to Sunday mass, or pray the stations of the cross at home.

2) Connect with your Spirituality
Several churches around the world have begun to live stream sermons and/or started hosting virtual missions. A simple google search can help you choose a sermon to tune into on Easter day and on other Sundays as well.

3) Acknowledge Disappointment and Practice Gratitude
Allow yourself the right to feel disappointed. You most likely won’t be able to experience the Holy week and Easter day the way you wanted, and it’s okay to feel upset about that. Having said that, take the time to find small things to be thankful for this Easter. As William Arthur Ward quoted, “Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.”

Although your Easter celebrations may need to be modified this year, it doesn’t mean that the holiday is canceled. Challenge yourself to brainstorm creative activities that are a reflection of what Easter means to you.

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