Did you notice?

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I am writing this blog post at a time when most people are stuck, frustrated, in traffic after their work day. Though this could be an opportune time to take some deep breaths and release all the stress from the day, I would guess that the majority of people on the road during traffic are busy in their heads. If I were to ask you what colour the car in front of you was for your drive home, you probably would not have any recollection. You would probably struggle to tell me what songs you heard on the radio.

So what were you doing?

Most people who reflect on their drive home are probably lost in thoughts. Thoughts about what to make for supper, what activities are going on later that evening, how their day went, etc. All those thoughts keep you locked in the “busy”-ness of your day, even though you have been given a moment in time where you can just sit and be mostly still. It might seem like it is productive to hammer out all these details while you are in the car, but being in this active state creates feelings of overwhelm, stress, and even depression.

Since most people are thinking about the stressful or negative thoughts, they miss so many other details that surround them. You may be missing a beautiful flower or a nice song on the radio. You might also be so distracted in thought that you end up getting into an accident.

Check out this video on YouTube to help determine how much you are aware of in the moment. 

What did you notice?

I don’t want to give away what will happen in the video so I encourage you to reflect, after watching that short clip, on what things you may be missing because you are lost in thought. I encourage you to question yourself about how not paying attention to those other details and being lost in thought may be negatively impacting you.

Let me know what happens!

Tessa Owner/Registered Psychologist

P.S.- If you feel like your stress is so high that you are struggling to get out of your thoughts and you need some help, send me an email and we can talk about setting up a session.