Did you Know? Working with your practitioner…

Lucille RaynerPsychotherapy

When you book an hour with your Psychologist, Naturopath or Body work therapist, remember there is a lot more to it than just that 60 minute slot.

Here are some behind the scene activities we do to serve you better:

  • Get settled, grounded, present & at ease to offer you the best safe and neutral container we can provide
  • Review notes and insights from your previous session
  • Write notes and treatment plan from current session
  • Sanitize and clean contact points and treatment surfaces
  • Follow up and offer resource materials to support you in between sessions
  • Organize bookings and ample availability
  • Keep up on our social media/blog/advertising game
  • Get our own counselling and body work sessions and other forms of movement and self care
  • Continue our education with post grads, workshops and classes to keep-up with the most up-to-date care options as well as getting our credits for good standings with our associations

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