Devoted Despite Divided


The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the temporary closure of churches and/or religious/spiritual services or gatherings across the globe. For some individuals, families, and communities this can be a particularly difficult transition after traditionally attending church services or gatherings regularly.

The following provides tips and suggestions that you can implement as part of your spiritual routine:

Arts & Crafts

  • Try making a religious or spiritual item (e.g., Bead together a rosary; do art combined with a favorite scripture)
  • You can consider creating arts and crafts that you can donate to others or to the church
  • Follow this link for 15 creative activities that you can do with your children for Sunday school at home:

Online Church Services

  • Several churches are now offering services online. A google search will present various options of how you can virtually participate in spiritual activities

Read the Bible or Other Religious Texts

  • Set a designated time to read the bible at home by yourself or with your loved ones
  • Flip open to a random page of the Bible or your religious text. Reflect on what the message is, how this relates to your life, and what changes you can make in order to fully integrate the message of that scripture
  • Create a peaceful space for yourself that encourages mindful reflection, prayer, and sanctitude. You can do this by personalizing the space with candles or other objects

Set Spiritual Goals for Yourself

  • Create weekly goals for yourself and for your family. For example, if your focus is on reducing anxiety, then you can read scriptures specific to this goal, or engage in other spiritual practices that support such goals
  • There are several different apps that you can download to help you meet your spiritual goals. These apps can help you keep track of your progress and remind you to continue working on your various goals on a daily or weekly basis

Spiritual Counselling

  • See a therapist or priest for spiritual counselling. Registered Provisional Psychologist Nadia Hamilton is able to offer spiritual counselling by phone or through video
  • Enhance your spiritual awareness by reflecting on your thoughts and feelings. This can bring more clarity around the meaning and purpose of your life, provide comfort through difficult times, and foster feelings of hope and support

Virtual Prayer Groups

  • Schedule a time to pray together with friends and family members online
  • Host or join live streaming videos that allow you to pray with other people

Write your own prayer

  • What are your thankful for? What are you struggling with? Write your intentions and feelings down into the form of a personalized prayer

Remember that there is no wrong way to connect with God or your higher spiritual power. Talk to Him as though you’re speaking with a best friend. How YOU connect with Him is what’s important.

Take care of your spiritual health by practicing some of the above ideas. For additional support, feel free to email, or call (403) 454-7600 to book an appointment.