Couples Counselling

As couples listen and express more positive feelings, they develop trust and feel closer. Neural scientists find this physically changes brain neurons, with more “loving cells” being created and fewer cells holding anger. – Social Work Today

Counselling sessions can help you…

  • Communicate effectivelyCouples Counselling
  • Argue fairly and learn how to resolve conflict
  • Rekindle intimacy, trust and friendship
  • Overcome betrayal
  • Forgive and be forgiven
  • Establish relationship goals
  • Work through
  • Share information that you may be withholding from your partner – finances, infidelity, frustrations and needs that aren’t being met

Common ways to treat

Couples CounsellingWhen relationships begin to waver, it can become more difficult to reconnect with all the dynamics of a successful relationship. Friendship, trust, patience and intimacy are all ingredients to reaching a well-rounded and strong partnership. However, with the curve balls life can throw at us, sometimes these important points are replaced with distance and betrayal.

To help resolve these common challenges, Serenity Now looks to body-focused counselling. This facet of treatment focuses on boundaries, in addition to the container of our being. Boundary exercises will be useful to help clients achieve separation while maintaining connection to another. These series of exercises will be useful for relationships and re-exploring the opportunities for growth within a partnership.

At Serenity Now Wellness Centre, we work to create a non-judgmental atmosphere where our clients can rebuild the foundation of their relationship, work past any challenges and gain confidence for their future together.

Rediscover Your Love | Couples Counselling Package

It can be hard when the person you have loved for so long has become a stranger or the enemy but it does not have to be that way.

Ideal for you if:

  • You’re feeling disconnected from each other
  • You and your partner are fighting more frequently
  • You or your partner have experienced infidelity


  • Improve intimacy
  • Communicate respectfully, effectively and with ease
  • Rebuild trust


  • In-session practice with support of counsellor
  • Take home practice activities
  • Tools to maintain success

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