Thai Yoga Bodywork

Thai Yoga Bodywork blends manual therapy techniques from Thai Yoga Massage/movement, Marma Therapy/energy work, with breath awareness and is drawn from Ayurveda & Yoga Therapy. Get out of your head, stop thinking so much and let us do what it takes to help you let go.

Somatic Movement Sessions

Somatic Movement sessions invite slow voluntary movements, at times guided by the Practitioner, which aids in releasing held tension. With commitment and time, the client gains freedom from old habitual patterns through sensory motor awareness. (Neuromuscular re-education by slow voluntary process) This technique is ideal for relieving chronic pain, tight muscles and stress.

Restorative & Somatic Yoga restore harmony while decreasing pain, stiffness and inflammation throughout your body. Over time your body learns to naturally activate its’ own Relaxation Response whereby your system let’s go of held chronic tension. These styles allow for you to move again in a safe, comfortable environment at the stage you are at.

Group lessons are floor based and students focus on gentle movements with breath and body awareness; energetically, emotionally, mentally & physically connecting. Stress and held tension melt away through a repetitious practice, due to a shift from short – long term memory. Reawaken your chronic tension and notice the difference of ease, freedom and function in your body.

Signature Essential Oil Sessions

Signature Essential Oil Sessions, involve about 8 specific Therapeutic grade essential oils. Oils are dropped on the spine and absorbed into the spinal nerve attachment points to assist in overall organ function, for up to 5 days. A warm compress may be added on the spine, effleurage & Vita Flex are the main techniques along with the feet. This is an ideal session to calm your system pre or post counselling and is known for boosting your immune system as a preventative, proactive health measure.