An estimated 1, 540 000 Canadian met the criteria for a substance use disorder.
– 2012 Canadian Community Health survey

Are you or is someone you know suffering from one of the following addictions?:

Alcohol AddictionAddiction Counselling
Drug Addiction
Internet or Gaming Addiction
Sex Addiction
Shopping Addiction

Signs of addiction

Loss of identity or sense of self
Loss of power and control
Unable to manage emotions and resorting to unhealthy responses
Sense of depression and isolation
Continued use despite negative consequences
Urge based response to triggers

Common ways to treat

Addiction is a complex disorder that takes over the three key elements to a person’s well being: mind, body & spirit. Often times, it can be used as an unhealthy coping mechanism for trauma, intense stress, emotional distress, depression, anxiety, etc.

Serenity Now looks to mind-body counselling to allow clients to have the elements of the mental and physical realms to help cope with arising concerns and challenges.

Serenity Now Wellness Centre can help you understand and overcome your addiction, where one-on-one counselling sessions are available with a certified counsellor in Calgary.

Great resource links

Addiction Canada
Addiction Canada offers a number of different settings, locations and actual programs depending on your needs and financial situation.

Alberta Health Services: Addiction and Mental health

With access to our dedicated team of psychologists, mental health professionals, dieticians, yoga therapists, massage therapists and more, you’ll get the help you need to overcome life’s biggest challenges related to substance abuse. Our relaxing environment provides you space and peace to work through a number of issues, with:

Working to help you uncover the tools an resources available to you to overcome substance abuse in Calgary, our staff, along with our safe and supportive environment provide you opportunities to work through distress, stress, and much more. We know that you are working through a lot of feelings and emotions related to your physical or mental health, and our committed team of Calgary Mental Health Professionals can help you experience “Serenity Now.”

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