Registered Massage Therapy

 All massage therapy sessions at Serenity Now Wellness are offered by senior practitioners with at least 2200 hours. These appointments are covered by all health care plans in Alberta and we can direct bill to many companies.

Serenity Now Wellness is an integrative practice that offers a holistic, mind-body approach to mental health.  By merging counselling therapies with trauma informed massage therapy and biodynamic craniosacral therapy, our team supports you in establishing greater peace, mindfulness, and coping skills so you can live your best life.

  •         Establish emotional resilience
  •         Reset your nervous system
  •         Re-pattern your physiological responses to stress

There is a strong relationship between our minds and our bodies. When we experience trauma or stress, we experience a physiological response that reverberates through our bodies. Muscles become tense, stress related hormones are produced, and digestion slows down, while the heart rate speeds up. Behind all of this, the nervous system directs the course of events. Our mind-body therapies work with your body to support you in shifting these physiological responses. Through recurring sessions with our therapists, you are supported in establishing the ability to recognize and create these shifts on your own.

The Experience:

  • A warm, heated table with additional heating pads for your stomach and feet (should you wish for them)
  • Aromatherapy tailored to your specific needs with our essential oil blends
  • Traditional Massage Therapy techniques including deep tissue, relaxation and therapeutic for helping you to release muscular tension held in the body
  • Myofascial cupping to help release adhesions and increase local circulation (if you wish)
  • Abdominal massage to soothe digestive issues
  • Energy work for inviting emotional and energetic balance
  • Breathing techniques for encouraging a mental and emotional shift
  • Physical education to help you understand the patterns that exist in your body and empower you with tools for transformation

Sessions with our Senior RMT are fully covered by all health care plans in Alberta.

Testimonials for Laura Dunlop

“I’ve been seeing Laura for massage therapy for approximately 1 year.  At that time, I was looking for someone who was close to my location, respectful of my time and available for appointments outside of regular hours.  I came across the Serenity Now Wellness website and discovered Laura.  Since that time, I have continued going to her as she is great!  Personable, punctual and extremely interested in her patient’s well-being.  I find the most relief from therapy massage, which Laura specializes in.  I have, and will continue to recommend her to my friends and family. 5 Stars Laura!” -Jane