Grief and Loss

Grief is something that is truly unique to each individual. Each one of us grieves differently and how we handle grief depends on who we are as individuals, how we’ve handled death in the past, differences in our support networks (friends/family), and how close we were to the deceased. Grief counselling provides a safe and caring environment for individuals to express themselves without being judged or criticized. Grief counselling also provides individuals with tools to help cope with a death as well as strategies to remember the deceased in an emotionally healthy way.

Loss is also something that is truly unique to the individual. Loss could be anything from a recent job restructuring, changes in a relationship, or a specific life challenging event. Seeking counselling will provide the individual with tools to cope with the loss, discuss the loss in a nurturing environment, and help the individual understand the meaning of the loss.

Common Signs of Grief and Loss

  • Emotional Fluctuations (e.g., anger, guilt, anxiety, sadness)
  • Physical Feelings (e.g., problems sleeping, emotional eating, numbness)
  • Cognitive Functioning (e.g., poor concentration, memory loss)
  • Social Aspects (e.g., withdrawn and/or isolation from family/friends)
  • Changes in Spirituality (e.g., adjusting values, changes in religious beliefs)

Grief and Loss links:

Canadian Virtual Hospice

Support for individuals involved in palliative and end of life-of-life care, grief, and loss

Children and Youth Grief Support Network

Information for families, children, and youth experiencing grief and loss

Coalition to Support Grieving Students

Grief support for students and teaching professionals

Grief affects everyone differently. If you have recently experienced a loss in your life, our caring and dedicating team of psychologists, mental health counsellors, nutritionists and massage therapists, can create a peaceful and relaxing therapeutic environment that will provide you the space and support you need to manage or overcome grief, as well as a number of other issues you may be dealing with, with:

    • chronic pain
    • pre-and post-natal support

When dealing with grief, it’s important to identify and utilize the tools and resources available to you to help you move through the stage of grief and come out of the experience feeling more in control of your thoughts and feelings. If you are experiencing grief, working with our committed team of Calgary Mental Health Professionals will help you understand the cause of your grief and provide you with an opportunity to experience “Serenity Now.”

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