“We must take care of our families, wherever we find them.”
– Elizabeth Gilbert

Here at Serenity Now, we believe a strong family fabric fosters a healthy and peaceful life. Whether you’re facing a difficult transition as a family, confusion or sadness, or the inability to work through difficult times, we’re here to support you.Our family counselling team at Serenity Now works to understand your family’s strengths and opportunities for growth in order to resolve any issues keeping your family from leading a peaceful life.

Family Counselling

Areas of focus for family counselling

  • Behaviour problems
  • Difficult transitions
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Difficult relationships (immediate or extended family)
  • Co-parenting
  • Impact of trauma or grief

Great resource links

Calgary Counselling Centre
Calgary Counselling Centre has wide range of therapy, treatments, and programs – including family counselling

Alberta Human Services
Calgary and Area Child and Family Services offers a range of supports and services to children, youth, adults and families residing in the City of Calgary and surrounding areas.

At Serenity Now, you will have access to our team of Calgary psychologists, mental health counsellorsmassage therapists, and nutritionists who are dedicated to creating a peaceful and relaxing therapeutic environment, enabling you to work through a diverse range of issues, including:

We are here to help you discover the tools and resources you need to move through your fears, anxiety, and other concerns in a safe, supportive environment. You may be experiencing feelings of real distress, whether that be physical, mental, or emotional stress, in your everyday life. However, with our committed team of Calgary Mental Health Professionals, you will experience “Serenity Now.”

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