Massage Therapy for Anxiety, Depression and Stress

When we experience anxiety, depression or stress much of what we experience relates to what is happening physiologically in the body. Our specialized approach to massage therapy, is designed to address what is happening within your body, in terms of releasing muscle tension, freeing restricted breath patterns and soothing a stressed nervous system. Our intention is to support you in establishing greater emotional resilience during those times when you feel taken out of your zone of comfort.

To book an appointment with our practitioner, Laura Dunlop, click here. To learn more about Laura, visit her page.

An additional way to balance out your nervous system may be Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. To learn more, click here.


Most body and massage services are covered by extended health benefits. Massage Therapy appointments, made with our Registered Massage Therapist, are covered by all Healthcare Plans in Alberta.