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Struggling with an addiction or knowing someone who struggles with an addiction can be one of the most difficult things to deal with. Even more difficult is understanding if what is happening truly is an addiction.

Not all addicts are down and out

addictionWhen we think of addiction, it is easy to conjure up images of someone who has lost everything; someone who can not start the day without using their substance of choice. We think about drug addicts or alcohol addicts and it is easy to say “That isn’t me.” But not all addictions are substance related and your negative consequences may not be as drastic as the people you see on the street yet you still need support.

What is addiction

Stepping out of the traditional definition of addiction, in this context, we will describe addiction as any behaviour you may engage in that takes you out of the present moment, interferes with your ability to maintain emotional connections with others, and has been demonstrated to have negative consequences on your life. The negative consequences may include, but are not limited to, conflict in your relationship, health concerns, and legal concerns. So, you may be able to go all week without having a drink but if when you do drink, you are getting in fights with your partner or feeling anxious when you are hung over, then you may need some more support.

Do I have to abstain in addiction treatment

Abstinence is not always necessary, nor is it always possible. You may be able to abstain from alcohol or drugs, but you can not abstain from food or sex. More programs are moving towards a harm-reduction model in addiction treatment where there is information about the negative effects of engaging in your addictive behaviour and you are given ways of managing your addiction in ways that reduce the risk of harm. Since the thought of abstinence can be very overwhelming for many individuals, you can engage in therapy and be using a harm-reduction model as you move through recovery.

Let Us Help You

Addictions don’t fix themselves on their own, and left untouched, can create progressively harmful effects in every area of your life. If you are recognizing that you are engaging in a behaviour that is no longer serving you and you are ready to take positive steps to live a better life, come speak with us.

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