Chinooks: Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy can help!

Tessa Burns MartinBiodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Body work and Yoga

If you live in Calgary you are probably waking up this morning singing with the birds. Our dear city has come out of one hefty deep freeze!

Living in this area of southern Alberta, by the Rocky Mountains brings in Chinook winds. These pressure systems that roll through up to 40 days a year creates a drastic shift in temperature. Going from -30 to +5 is a dream come true to many.

For a lot of us however, it is not so grand. As the barometric pressure that is so quickly forced upon our system builds, it can cause a whole host of symptoms.

The main one being headaches. With the headaches can come sensitivity to light and sounds, deep brain fog, low energy and even nausea of vomiting. Not to mention a horrible shift in mood!

My journey with these pressure headaches has been an interesting one. On days like today I used to bed ridden, throwing up and crying. The pressure on my sensitive central nervous system was just too much for my already depleted system.

Then I found biodynamic craniosacral therapy! I wasn’t going for these bodywork sessions because of pressure system headaches, but after a few treatments I started to notice a shift in how my system responded to them.

Getting cranio work has brought more space to the container of my central nervous system, eased the communication, brought me into more wholeness and allowed for more smooth movement of my cerebral spinal fluid. All of this building up the capacity in my system to handle more of what life and nature bring into my system.

Today I have a rocking headache, but it’s not rocking me to the point of complete shutdown. I know I need to get another session soon to help build my system a little more. Through this work I have recognized the connection to the intelligence in my body and what a gift that has been.

If you are suffering from the pressure of days like today from the weather, or just life in general, please book a session with me. BCST is a beautiful way of helping your system come out of some deep holding patterns. Thus bringing ease, grace,clarity and pain reduction. Who doesn’t need a little more of that?!