Supporting Men’s Health

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In light of men’s health month, I would like to say something around celebrating those individuals in our lives who identify as men.  I want to honour the process men have to go through and encourage men to reach out to support networks. There are so many dynamics to the Male experience that I deeply respect and will never fully understand. … Read More

Available Healing Services For Canadian Veterans

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Veterans are very strong individuals, but when dealing with mental health concerns, especially PTSD it is important to get support. After returning from service many veterans experience some form of mental health concerns. This may range from loss of identity to depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). They may also struggle with substance abuse as a coping strategy to … Read More

It’s okay to say “I’m not okay, I’m hurting” and the path to happiness.

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All too often I see on my Facebook feed, social media in general – false positivity, proclaiming that something is awesome as a way of hiding that in private you are hurting. I’m not saying we shouldn’t share our positive thoughts, but we should not falsify our feelings. It is crucial to your emotional health to recognize your feelings and … Read More

Just get over it

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“Just get over it” “Think positive” “You’ll feel better if you just come out for a bit” “I don’t understand, your life is good” “Life isn’t fair, you need to just pull up your boot straps” These are a few of the statements that people with depression may have heard in their lifetime. Maybe you’ve heard these comments or something similar. … Read More

Managing Flashbacks

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A flash back occurs when the memory of a past trauma emerges and makes you feel as though the trauma is currently taking place. When faced with a trigger, such as a smell, person, tone of voice, odor or posture of a person, color, sound, emotion etc., the body responds to the “threat”- despite it not being real – even … Read More

Why include the body in counselling?

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Written by Sharon Stopforth, Registered Social Worker Traditionally, counselling has focused on the mind and employs talk therapy to resolve issues.  Other forms of counselling have also been developed to include the spirit such as Jungian and transpersonal therapy.  Recently, it is becoming more accepted to work with the body in counselling as research in trauma has shown excellent results … Read More

Finding Meaning in Your Story

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  “ He who has a why to live for- can bear with almost any how.”      —  Nietzsche  Psychology and therapy have historically been rooted in a medical model which is saturated with a “problem” focused lens. This means looking at “what’s wrong with the person” and what is the “best” way to “fix” them. Pathologizing people is rarely … Read More

Book Review: Frock Off- Living Undisguised

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I love to read! However, it is rare for me to read anything that is not a manual of some sort. I read mostly books on relationships, parenting, addiction, etc. But, these books are written by people discussing the most recent research or techniques in my area of choice. I cannot remember the last time I read a fiction book … Read More