Food Addiction Help

Tessa Burns MartinAddiction, Tessa Burns

Food addictions can be so difficult to address because we are talking about a substance that we can not abstain from in our lives. We need food to survive. However, we are hearing all over the place about how the foods we are consuming are having very negative consequences from obesity to diabetes and several other concerns. Yet, despite being … Read More

What if you could have it all?

Tessa Burns MartinParenting, Tessa Burns

“I can be a great mother and own a profitable business.” That is the mantra that my money coach has been encouraging me to work on. This thought has been a struggle because I find I have so many messages of choosing one or the other. Even when I was asked to reflect on my role models for women who were … Read More

How to help an addict

Tessa Burns MartinAddiction, Couples Counselling, Tessa Burns

Addiction can be a very difficult issue to deal with in your relationship. Whether you are the child, the spouse, or the parent of an addict, the feelings of frustration and desperation can often be the same. You will often hear people recommend that you stop enabling the addict, or that you use tough love on the addict. But does … Read More

Did you notice?

Tessa Burns MartinAnxiety, Depression, Tessa Burns

I am writing this blog post at a time when most people are stuck, frustrated, in traffic after their work day. Though this could be an opportune time to take some deep breaths and release all the stress from the day, I would guess that the majority of people on the road during traffic are busy in their heads. If … Read More

Are you addicted?

Tessa Burns MartinAddiction, Tessa Burns

The field of addictions is very fascinating because addictions can be far-reaching and affect so many people in so many different ways. I got into the field of addiction accidentally. I was working with men and women who had been charged with a domestic violence offences and had agreed to counselling as a term of their probation. Of course, many of … Read More

“Good enough” Parenting

Tessa Burns MartinParenting, Tessa Burns

I am back at work after taking six weeks off following the birth of my second child. We now have a boy and a girl so I am feeling quite complete right now. I am also feeling quite stretched having two children under 2 years old. In the field of psychology and parenting, we often work with our clients to … Read More

Sparring in relationships

Tessa Burns MartinCouples Counselling, Tessa Burns

My husband and I were recently having a discussion about the renovations that were happening in our home. This is the fourth time we have undertaken a renovation project; twice while I was pregnant. Our ability to navigate through the stresses of these times provides me the confidence in our relationship that we can make it through almost anything. Though … Read More

“Shelf” Help

Tessa Burns MartinPsychotherapy, Tessa Burns

We truly live in the information age. We can find the answers to almost everything by typing a search on Google. But sometimes all this information can be detrimental. Working with people I have found two major problems with all the information they have available to them: 1. There are so many different views or beliefs out there that it … Read More