3 myths about Addiction: BUSTED

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Written by Tessa Burns Martin, Owner, Registered Psychologist There are several myths about addiction that if you listen to them, they may impact your treatment. Please read the myths and see if you have believed any of them and find out the reality. Myth #1 The substances that individuals get addicted to are naturally addictive and if used regularly, everyone … Read More

Do I have to stop drinking?

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This time of year can be very challenging for many people. There are so many holiday parties to attend and many of them will be serving alcohol. One of the most common question I get from clients who are starting to realize that their drinking may be becoming problematic is whether they have to stop drinking forever. They can’t imagine … Read More

Available Healing Services For Canadian Veterans

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Veterans are very strong individuals, but when dealing with mental health concerns, especially PTSD it is important to get support. After returning from service many veterans experience some form of mental health concerns. This may range from loss of identity to depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). They may also struggle with substance abuse as a coping strategy to … Read More

Outpatient Program For Addicts To Heal the Pain And Create Freedom

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Aug. 19, 2015, Calgary, Alta — Addiction comes in a lot of forms, but the defining characteristics are the same. When it comes to looking for recovery, the treatment must fit the patient. Serenity Now Wellness is launching an outpatient program in September that works with people struggling with addictions to alcohol, drugs, food and technology. This is an opportunity … Read More

Are you being present?

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It doesn’t matter how many new techniques I learn when working with clients because the most important tool always stays the same. Being present! It is the most healing element to any counselling session. And, the reason it is so powerful is because it does not happen very often in our normal, everyday lives. When speaking with your spouse, you … Read More

Drinking during Stampede

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July is an interesting month in the city of Calgary. For ten days in July, the city basically shuts down. Many businesses operate at half capacity and the work that they do is focused mostly on parties where a lot of drinking happens. With all the parties happening, it can be very difficult for those who struggle with addiction. However, … Read More

How to stop addiction

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This question is probably plaguing the minds of so many who struggle with the pains of addiction. It is also plaguing the minds of the people who love an individual struggling with addiction. The reason that the question causes so much pain for so many people is that we have so many misconceptions about addiction. I recently was listening to a … Read More