Self-Care for Mothers

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As mothers we often care and think about others before ourselves. As a mother, my thoughts are often consumed with my son’s activities and errands that I need to complete to get his needs met. Part of self-care as a mother is recognizing that taking time out to care for yourself will allow you the ability to better care for … Read More

The Power of Breath

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We often don’t think about the act of breathing. Breathing is automatic, but it can be controlled and used in a therapeutic way with proper guidance. I recently started practicing yoga a few times a week; this practice has reminded me of the importance of breath and the power it has to shift our physical and mental states. During yoga, … Read More

Women at Home

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I want to take a moment to recognize all the amazing women who dedicate themselves to their home and their family. ***  After the birth of my son, being at home and taking care of him, in addition to the household labour, I quickly realized that this was the hardest job that I had ever done. This job was 24-7; … Read More

Stay on Track

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With January nearing an end, I like to take a step back and check in with how I’ve felt the first month of a new year has gone.  It may mean checking in on goals, checking in on my self care or seeing how I’m doing with life balance. Over the years, I’ve employed a few tips to keep me … Read More

Making 2019 your best year yet!

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Oh no! Not another New Year’s resolution post!!! New Years resolutions often get a bad reputation because every year on January 1st, people vow to live differently only to forget about their resolution before the end of the month (and for some by the end of the day). It seems that the practice of New Years resolutions dates back to … Read More

Helicopter method at sleep time

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One of the biggest reasons people have trouble falling asleep is because they are thinking about the tasks they need to do the next day. When that list seems so long, sometimes sleep feels like the last thing you want to be doing. Still you know you need to sleep so you stay in the bed and let your mind … Read More

Bodies Are Beautiful

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As a society we can struggle with the concept of beauty. We are taught early that we need to compare our bodies with others in order to feel beautiful. Many of the messages we get fed by society, by the media, by loved ones, and even by ourselves tell us the same story – we should be ashamed of our … Read More