Should I be doing more as a mother? I am exhausted!

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Written by Marina Agafonov, Registered Provisional Psychologist This morning I sat down to chat with Leslie Horton on GlobalNews Calgary about motherhood expectations. Moms place such high expectations on themselves that sometimes they find it hard to live up to their own standards! Remember that you are an expert at this, you know what is best for your child and … Read More

Chronic Pain During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is wonderful! That is the saying you will hear time and time again, rarely will you hear someone say “I had pain during pregnancy”. However the truth of the matter is that pregnancy is difficult and can pose many new health challenges, such as gestational diabetes, chronic pain and various other issues. In 2013, a reality TV starlet, Kim Kardashian shared that … Read More

Are you being present?

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It doesn’t matter how many new techniques I learn when working with clients because the most important tool always stays the same. Being present! It is the most healing element to any counselling session. And, the reason it is so powerful is because it does not happen very often in our normal, everyday lives. When speaking with your spouse, you … Read More

Importance of labels?

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When I got married I decided not to change my name. Part of it was shear laziness… all those pieces of ID I would have to change. Part of it was being cheap… 25 for a new license. No thanks. But a bigger part of it was identity. I felt attached to my last name and did not want to … Read More

Autism and Physical Activity

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The importance of physical activity on mental and physical health for people is well established across numerous disciplines (psychology, physical education, kinesiology, medicine etc). Physical activity for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is important but may present some challenges. Children with ASD may have poor muscle tone, coordination, and have difficulties with motor planning. In addition, some children … Read More