The Importance of Family

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I feel very blessed to have a family that supports and loves me. I grew up with 2 younger siblings and 2 parents that worked synergistically to raise us with compassion. Our family unit got along pretty well, with the occasional cat-fight or “oh my god! Uuuugh” yelled at each other. But we always came back to each other sooner … Read More

SAD and self-care

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Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), is a mood disorder that affects many people in Northern countries. Sometimes termed the “winter blues”, it can be influenced by low Vitamin D levels in the body from a lack of sunlight. Our circadian rhythm (sleep/wake cycle) also plays a part in this mood disorder: during the fall and winter months, the shorter days and … Read More

How Massage and Yoga Therapy Benefit Mental Health

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When you experience an emotion, negative or otherwise, what you experience is far more than just the emotion itself. There are neurological, chemical and physiological responses that can intensify the experience. In the case of anxiety, your breath might become shallow with a tangible tension that you experience in your abdomen or chest. When it comes to mental health, yoga … Read More