Just get over it

Jennifer MitchellDepression, Jennifer Mitchell, Trauma

“Just get over it” “Think positive” “You’ll feel better if you just come out for a bit” “I don’t understand, your life is good” “Life isn’t fair, you need to just pull up your boot straps” These are a few of the statements that people with depression may have heard in their lifetime. Maybe you’ve heard these comments or something similar. … Read More

Life After Betrayal

Jennifer MitchellCouples Counselling, Jennifer Mitchell

Ashley Madison – most people are aware of the website that promotes infidelity – and if they weren’t aware before, they certainly are now. Following a security breach that left thousands of user’s emails and information exposed, the Ashley Madison fallout is far from over. I certainly have heard the gamut of opinions on this situation. However, I am much more concerned with … Read More

Pockets of Presence

Jennifer MitchellAnxiety, Jennifer Mitchell

I find it hard to be present and just breathe in life. I am sure this is a common experience amongst busy working people, balancing commitments, family, friends, fun, children and work. My colleague recently wrote about being present (click here for that blog) and I felt moved to share how I stay present in life. Like many of you, … Read More

Managing Flashbacks

Jennifer MitchellJennifer Mitchell, Trauma

A flash back occurs when the memory of a past trauma emerges and makes you feel as though the trauma is currently taking place. When faced with a trigger, such as a smell, person, tone of voice, odor or posture of a person, color, sound, emotion etc., the body responds to the “threat”- despite it not being real – even … Read More

Autism and Physical Activity

Jennifer MitchellJennifer Mitchell, Parenting

The importance of physical activity on mental and physical health for people is well established across numerous disciplines (psychology, physical education, kinesiology, medicine etc). Physical activity for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is important but may present some challenges. Children with ASD may have poor muscle tone, coordination, and have difficulties with motor planning. In addition, some children … Read More

Finding Meaning in Your Story

Jennifer MitchellAnxiety, Jennifer Mitchell, Trauma

  “ He who has a why to live for- can bear with almost any how.”      —  Nietzsche  Psychology and therapy have historically been rooted in a medical model which is saturated with a “problem” focused lens. This means looking at “what’s wrong with the person” and what is the “best” way to “fix” them. Pathologizing people is rarely … Read More

Healing from Infidelity

Jennifer MitchellCouples Counselling, Jennifer Mitchell

Relational trauma occurs when there is harm done to one person by another in a primary relationship through any form of betrayal, abuse, addiction or compulsion (Dayton, 2007). I have primarily worked with women who have experienced their partner’s infidelity, addiction or compulsive use of Internet pornography. Betrayal has an impact whether a partner has engaged in one act of … Read More